Beau Rivage- Biloxi. MS
February 26, 2011

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:: Compared To What

:: Going Back To Louisiana

:: The Deal

:: I Live On A Battlefield

:: Hold On To Your Love

:: Just To Feel That Way

:: What’s Right Is Right

:: Love The One You’re With

:: Nineteen

:: Can’t You Hear Me Knocking

:: Maybe You Should

:: Why Can’t We Live Together

:: Seven Mile Breakdown

:: (Encore Applause)

:: The Fall

:: Bulletproof

Audio thanks to Janibeth


Balloon Fest-Syracuse, NY
June 13, 2010

Rockin Pneumonia/Hey Pocky Way

I Live On A Battlefield

Gonna Move


Seven Mile Breakdown

I’m Going Back To Louisiana

The Distance

Medicated Goo

The Runaround

Takin’ It To The Streets

Audio by Linda T

MISC 2010 Interviews
WQRX–  February 17th, 2010

NewsTalk Toronto –  April 8th, 2010


The Roxy – Hollywood, CA
March 18th, 2009

The Distance

Give Me Tonight

Heaven Knows Inner City Blues tag –

Banter I

The Maze

Hide Nor Hair


Gonna Move – Old Weakness

Woman’s Got To Have It

Banter  II

I live on a Battlefield

The Deal

Seven Mile Breakdown

Banter III

The Right Place

Once upon a lover

Right is Right

Soul Thing – Mama Said – Eastbound and Down

Banter IV

My Sweet Lord

Special Thanks


Smith’s Shadow Show -Atlanta
August 2009

The Distance

I Live On A Battlefield

Wedding Day Blues

The Deal

What’s Right Is Right

Dialog I

Don’t Let Me Down

The Runaround


Gonna Move

Dialog II

Maybe You Should

Once Upon A Lover

Sweet Lord

Does Love Got To Be So Sad?

Seven Mile Breakdown


Hannah Home
Charity – Acoustic Set

May 10th, 2008
Call Me The Breeze


Soul Thing

New York State Of Mind

The Runaround

On and On

Where I’m From (Alabama Frame Of Mind)


2007 Tour

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Full Size CD Cover

Dewey Tapes

Columbus, Ohio


:: Intro/
Gonna Move

:: Give
Me Tonight

:: Dream
Myself Awake

:: Hell
of a Day/ Another
Brick in the Wall (Part Two)

:: Compared
To What/Night

Wherever I Lay My Hat/Nightshift /Chain Gang

My Friend

The Deal

Hold On To Your Love/ Night Life/ Electric Blues /Can’t Trust Your Neighbor

Just To Feel That Way

:: Medicated
Harlem/Cold Baloney /

What’d I Say (call and response)

Heaven Knows / What’d I Say

Maze/(calls and response)/ Let’s Get It On

The Right Place

The Runaround/ Baby Please Don’t Go

Naked in the Jungle/ Higher/ Dance To the Music / Ride Sally Ride/Organ tag



Cookin’ At Smith’s


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Full Size CD Cover

Russian Roulette

Ain’t No Sunshine

Heart and Soul

Son Of A Carpenter

Abraham, Martin, & John

Hold On To Your Love

Happier With Him

The Fall

Hello Lonely

In Your Time

One Night
In Nashville


Cover art by Taylorography – free to copy

Full Size CD Cover
:: Where I’m From (Alabama
Frame of Mind)

Forever Man

:: Son of a Carpenter

:: Hold on to Your Love

:: Workin’ / Higher

:: Heart and Soul / Jam

:: In Your Time

:: People Get Ready

Christmas at WorkPlay


Cover art by Taylorography – free to copy

Full Size CD Cover

9 to 5

Dance to the Music

Gonna Move / Brown Eyed Handsome Man

Hell Of A Day

Hold On To Your Love


Naked In The Jungle

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

Sneaking Sally Through The Alley
Soul Thing


Use Me

What’d  I  Say

Will It Go Round In Circles