Seven Mile Breakdown

Available on: The Distance

Well sometimes I get lonely
And that’s a hard thing to say
Until I wound up in wrong side of Mississippi
A little more than a getaway
Don’t talk to yourself
Cause after a while you might find
Those empty fields and flat lands might make you have to lose your mind

I feel the heat in the cold
Cut the air with a knife
But you’re just passing through it
You haven’t been there your whole life
Well don’t you know we’ll get through it baby
But I just don’t see how
You know it’s written on the faces of every little passing town

The sun is sinking down on the delta
Seven miles is the only sign that lights my way
I hope someone is there to care about me
I’m gonna tear this old place down and I’ll be on my way

Well let me get right down to it
I just can’t get enough
You gotta hate being down
Before you ever love being up
So come on Mississippi, don’t point your finger at me
Just put me on your straight and narrow just as far as my eyes can see

Written by: Wynn Christian, Taylor Hicks