Taylor Hicks, City Winery, Atlanta, Georgia


This was a great new venue and it was pretty much a full house. The acoustics of the venue were great. Taylor had a very large appreciative audience. I was expecting a small acoustic show like the other recent shows he had been doing. Much to my pleasant surprise, he had a five piece band with him. I love to hear Taylor’s different concert formats and band configurations and nowadays more than ever, no two shows are alike. Last night he played a good selection of his own songs and he was still throwing in some Van Morrison songs (“St Dominick’s Preview” and “Cleaning Windows”, with a tag of “Tupelo Honey” in WRIR.) He said he was in a Van Morrison mood, and IF I understood him correctly, he said he was toying with the idea of taking the Van Morrison show on the road, but don’t quote me on that because it may have just been a part of the audience banter. He was very chatty with the audience and this audience was talking back. Taylor is very quick witted with his comebacks and it made for some very funny moments. I got the feeling that unlike most shows there wasn’t a fixed setlist and he would often look back at the band and tell them what he wanted to do next. My attempts at recording did not work out so I will list the songs as best as I can remember:

No Place I’d Rather Be
Country Living
Cleaning Windows
This Old Cowboy
What’s Right Is Right
Maybe You Should
St Dominick’s Preview
In The Ghetto/Movin on up
Back To Louisiana
Six Strings Are hard On Diamond Rings
Love The One You’re With
The Fall (a solo encore for a friend and his son in the audience)

Taylor did the usual signing and picture taking after the show and I think every single one in the audience lined up! He is a good sport for greeting all these folks. Next week Birmingham!

-Jennifer Jacobs



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