Taylor Hicks completes his first residency at Bally’s Las Vegas

Taylor Hicks’ first residency at the Indigo, Bally’s, Las Vegas was a huge success and met with rave reviews from the Vegas press and fans alike. Backed by a six-piece band featuring  guest guitarist Jamie McClean of Jamie McClean Band, For two months in the summer of 2012, five nights a week, Hicks roared through an eclectic set featuring Southern Rock, Country, Original Tunes, American Idol favorites, and songs by Quintessential Vegas artists such as Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra.

Within the intimate Indigo showroom, crowds kept getting  bigger as buzz of Taylor’s high-energy show was spread by word-of-mouth. Eventually the show was extended an extra week, and rumors abound that talks are in the works for the Taylor Hicks show be extended long-term.

Further dates will be announced at http://taylorhicks.com