Taylor Hicks Bob Seger Tribute Show at the Lyric Theater

Back from Birmingham after seeing one of the best shows ever. The show was kicked off with a special guest, none other than Jojo Hermann of Widespread Panic on keyboards for “Night Moves”. There was a 2-3 man camera crew filming, and they filmed throughout the entire show. It was not mentioned for who, what, or why, but Taylor did sing his 2 newish songs “Six Strings”, & “No Place I’d Rather Be”, the latter of which was the best rendition I’ve heard. After that, it was all Seger. I’ve never seen the band smile more as they did throughout this show. At 41, Taylor is as fit and toned as I’ve ever seen and it seems to have given him more confidence & energy, with lots of hip-shaking, dirty dog, stank leg, and general “monkey” dancing (his words, not mine). Personally, I love to see him get out from behind the guitar and bust some vintage Taylor Hicks moves

He even rolled in some new funny stories as a prelude to “Hollywood Nights”…a party he attended at Paris Hilton’s house with an unbelievable and hilarious variety of guests. I won’t spoil it because the story went over so well that he’ll no doubt be telling it at a future show

Let me finish this long-winded review by saying in my time, I’ve seen my share of the best rock bands in the world, and this Bham based band of Taylor’s can match or surpass them toe-to-toe.  -Jennifer